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English is the language that is the main second language of most language the countries. It’s the business language of most of the countries. that businesses speak. English is the language of the Internet. This characteristic makes this language a best language to learn.


French is one of the languages that people opt to learn more often. It is spoken in Europe and in northern and western Africa. Learning French will be a good idea as many developing countries in Africa are likely to grow economically in few years.

Mandarin Chinese

We know how China is surpassing many countries in science and technology and it is in the race to become world leader. So, it’s a better time to learn Mandarin Chinese.


It’s a business language of many parts of Europe and spoken by around 120 million people. After United States and China, Germany is the third largest economy that lead us think that it is a better time to learn it.


In the US, Spanish is the second most spoken languages. Many jobs are waiting you in United States. It’s a better time to learn it and prove your other potential using this language.


Arabic is spoken by more than 250 million people and in Middle East it is a major language.


It is counted among topmost economies of the world. It is spoken by around 85 million people. It is better if you go for this language to learn.

Besides these languages mentioned above, below are some more languages that you can learn to establish your career in foreign countries:

  • Japanese
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese

So it is up to you which language you want to stusdy and in which country you want to establish your professional or creative life.

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Learn Language

English is the language that is the main second language of most language the countries.

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Learning other language is an extra advantage to get job opportunities in foreign locations.

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The information about online schools here on the website leads you find a good one for you.